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The experience and success of the present day Nepro factory is based on its inception in 1968 to be the leading ,specialized manufacturer and supplier of PVC, CPVC pipes and fittings. Now, 46 years later, the name of Nepro is still associated with PVC products not only in the field of pipes and fittings for potable water and irrigation, but for the production and development of non-metallic PVC water well casing and screens. Most ground water is aggressive and undergoes changes in chemical composition. Normally acids, bases and salts are the main causes of corrosion in metals coming into contact with ground water. High costs, engineering difficulties, and the probability of adverse chemical reactions, make it impractical to overcome corrosion and encrustation through the use of protective coating, chemical treatment or cathodic protection. Thus, the use of non-corrosion PVC for water well casing and screens rapidly received approval by the appropriate consultants and engineers.

Size Class W.THICK Description
225 NWC 10.0 pipe cassing