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PVC SCH 40 & 80 Pipes

NEPROPLAST ASTM standard Rigid PVC Pipes are manufactured at our Jeddah factory to meet the ever growing demand in the commercial, housing, irrigation and industrial sectors as well as the various amenities
for water and sewage pipe line systems.

To assure NEPROPLAST clients of its quality over finished products, NEPROPLAST is maintained throughout its operation a quality assurance system based on ISO 9001:2008 over raw materials as well as finished products to guarantee the right products for a safe, tough & reliable system.

NEPROPLAST material fully meets or exceed the requirements of cell class 12454 - B in accordance with ASTM D - 1784 Type 1, Grade 1 compound designated as PVC 1120 with hydrostatic Design Stress of 2000 psi.

A)    PVC Pipes schedule 40 (white) and schedule 80 (Grey) series meet the requirements of ASTM standards specification ASTM D -1785
B) PVC (SDR Series) (White) Meet the requirements of ASTM D - 2241.
C) PVC (DWV) pipes (Drain, Waste and Vent) (White) series meets the requirements of ASTM D 2265.

Size Range:
NEPROPLAST ASTM Rigid PVC pipes are offered from size 1/2" through 8" diameters.

NEPROPLAST ASTM PVC Pipes are marked as prescribed in the ASTM standards indicating manufacturer name, material designation code, nominal pipe size, schedule, size with pressure rating in PSI, water at 73F