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Orange Fittings

After more than 46 years of experience and significant performance in the uPVC pipes and fittings industry, the ambition to maintain the innovative production methods inherent in NEPRO is shown by the emergence of a new generation of NAMAT molded fittings for non pressure applications- This new line of products is manufactured in accordance with ISO 3633, ISO 4435, EN 1401 norms and Draft Saudi Standards 5081-5082-5083 & 5084 for Soil, Waste, and Vents for metric applications. Said standards are fully compatible to be used along with uPVC pipes manufactured according to SSA 14&15/1996,DIN 8061,8062 and ISO R 161/1.In collaboration with DYKA HOLLAND, a variety of complementary items have been added to complete the current range of NAMAT fittings to satisfy customer requirements.Sales and marketing is handled by the extensive distribution network of National Marketing Establishment locally and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

NAMAT - uPVC Fittings for Soil, Waste and Vent are fully
compatible for use with the following specifications:
SSA 14&15/1996
DIN 19534
BS 4660, BS 5481
PrEN 1452-1
ISO R161/1
COLOUR : Orange - Brown RAL 8023
RANGE : 40MM - 630MM