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NEPROPLAST added to its products portfolio the production of Polyethylene pipes (HDPE) in 2009. NEPROPLAST HDPE products range covers pipes and ducts to serve the water, gas, electrical, and telecommunication applications. NEPROPLAST recently introduced to the market the Polyethylene Corrugated-Optic-Ducts (COD) as a unique product for fiber optic and electrical cabling installations. All NEPROPLAST products are marketed and sold through National Marketing Est. Co LTD. which has more than 23 branches covering all cities and urban areas across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. National Marketing has an export department responsible for exporting NEPROPLAST products to Middle East and North African (MENA) markets. In addition to NEPROPLAST products, National Marketing Est. Co. imports a wide range of fittings, valves, solvent cements, and other accessory components. Nowadays, National Marketing Est. Co LTD. is considered the largest trading company in Saudi Arabia that has all kinds of plastic pipes, fittings, valves, and cements available in its stocks for all traders and contractors in the Saudi market.

safe, tough and reliable systems.

Both NEPROPLAST and NATIONAL MARKETING strive to be the largest quality leader in the supply of plastic piping systems to serve the water, gas, electrical & telecommunication sectors across the Middle East.